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You NEED to know! Why I should be YOUR wedding photographer!

There is a lot of content on my website.  That’s what I’m like, too much is better than too little.

But there are some things you need to know above all else.  These pages are the core of what I do, and how I do it.

I know “you need to know” is probably a little strong, but it is my firm belief that the articles here give you a real and unadulterated flavour and feel for me.  It also shows you the lengths I will always go to in order to make every wedding day I get to share as amazing and beautiful as it can be.

I’m well aware I go a little over the top in terms of what I do.  I’ve been told by other photographers I’m making them look bad, and by venue managers and coordinators they’ve never known a photographer get involved like I do.  I know without doubt I’m OCD about making things perfect:  whether that’s a good thing or bad is up to you!

But here’s the thing, all that matters to me is what my couples think.  And if they’re happy, that’s all that matters.  I’m very lucky in that every single couple I’ve worked with has given me 5 stars, and told their friends and family about me and what I did for them.

And if it’s good enough for them, then hopefully it’s good enough for you!

Your Second Most Important Decision

You don’t know it yet, but your wedding photographs and photofilms are the second most important decision you will make about your wedding!

Not my opinion, but that of my previous couples!  So why not read this and see if you agree with them?

Who is Phil Endicott?

In the same way I’m massively passionate about knowing my couples, what makes them tick, the little tells of affection between them and ultimately becoming friends, its only fair that the reserve is also true. This page is a little about me, why I am a wedding photographer, and what I get up to when I’m not shooting or editing.

Photofilms and UNUNUN's

I truly believe everyone should be able to have special memories at an instant which brings everything that your day was about back to you. This is why I record the audio of the day, why I take so many photos and why I put it all together in a ten to fifteen minute photofilm.


This is also why I take time to get to you know you and your family in the run up to the big day so I know why this day matters so much and how you’re likely to be together on your big day.

Night Light - Fun & Frolics

So by now I’m sure you’ve gathered I’m a complete geek – sorry about that! You’ve probably also worked out I like to mix it up a little, try new things and give images a certain extra something.

Inside your Wedding Album!

Traditionally, wedding album interiors were a little bit dull. White pages, with the photographs mounted on them, generally in a 2×2 pattern.  The majority of my couples, they want something a little different, a little bit special. That’s why my wedding albums are a little different, and bespoke from the word go.

How Much? Your investment

“When everything is said and done, what is left is memories and your photos. Your photos are the key to unlocking those memories in the years to come – so make sure your photos are the very best.”

Be MY Friend!

Let’s start with a couple of fairly fundamental questions:  are you more comfortable around your friends than people you don’t know?  Do you feel more relaxed and more yourself in the company of people you’re used to than complete strangers?


This is why I am very clear from the start, I want to be your friend, as well as your photographer.

It's NOT Phil Endicott Photography

I know that 95% of wedding photography businesses are Firstname Lastname Photography and you won’t be the first person to ask why I’m not Phil Endicott Photography. It’s actually amazingly simple: it’s not just about me. 

Ultimately, I’m your photographer to make memories for YOU that will live forever.

14+ Hours of Happiness

Your wedding day is finally here: a day that will be FILLED with happiness, love and memories.  It is also likely the first you’ll have a photographer with you most of the day.


Therefore it’s important to know what to expect and how I do what I do. Below is a sample day to give you a little insight into how I make your memories real.

Importance of Wedding Albums

We live in a digtal world: but how often do we take the time to print out images so they’re at our fingertips?


It’s my hope that actually these wedding albums will be there for your children and your great grandchildren to see and so that you can live your day, through the generations to come.

How I deliver – and why

So, here’s the thing: having beautiful photos and photofilms is one thing, but equally important is how you get them and how you can share them!

I'm not Award Winning - and PROUD!

 I’m going to say loudly and proudly I’m not an award winner. That’s because I don’t enter them. Here is why!

So hopefully there is something useful tops and tricks here and you’ve gained a little inspiration along the way!  If there is something else you’d like to know about that I’ve not already covered please let me know!