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Thinking about wedding photography – your look behind the scenes!

This is the most important day of your life:  therefore it’s vital you have amazing memories to look back upon.

These articles are all about the impact the right photographer can have on your special day, and how a little bit of forward thinking and logical planning can make all the difference.

You’ll also find information on how to chose a wedding photographer, and the things you need to consider when doing so.  Also, and in my opinion vitally, you’ll find out why it’s not as easy at it looks, and why wedding photography isn’t as cheap as soon people think it should be.

These memories will stimulate your mind and bring back all the thoughts and feelings from the day you said your “I do’s”.


It is very easy to lose track of what is important when you’re planning a wedding, let alone get a safe priority order.  My previous couples have told me that I was actually the second most important decision they made and this is why these articles exist.


Most importantly of all, if you’ve not already read my article “Second Most Important Decision” please do – the link is below.

As always, I can only write articles that I know people will value.  So if you have an idea on something you’d like me to cover, please tell me using the button below!

Time Together and Sunset Escapes!

So, a lot of you are probably looking at that title and wonder what I mean by escaping?  “Why would we want to escape?”  You’re probably also thinking “of course we’ll have time together, it’s our wedding!”  Here’s why!

Group Photos

Making sure you have photos of everyone you chose to spend your special day with you is for me an important factor.  It doesn’t however have to take forever, surely should be fun and most importantly shouldn’t mean putting anyone out.  This is how I do it!

The Power of Editing Wedding Photographs

Yes, as a wedding photographer you do need to be able to take good photographs, but it’s arguably more important to be able to edit them properly as well.

What to Ask a Photographer

So there are a lot of little details when it comes to wedding photography that will make the difference to how everything feels and flows and also to avoid hidden surprises.  So here’s a few questions to ask, and my opinions on what the answers should be!

Expensive or Valuable?

Much as many people believe wedding photography is simply a case of rocking up, taking photos and that’s it, done! This couldn’t be further from the truth. This page is simply to help you understand why it isn’t that easy – and also why it costs what it costs.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake is one of the pinnacle moments in your day.  This is why I make such efforts to make it so much fun and involve all your guests in this moment.

Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Ultimately whoever you chose will be with you all of your wedding day, normally from the start of hair and makeup until cake cut and first dance.

The main point here is that is it really important you gel with them and that their personality matches your own.  The last thing you want is to be feeling uptight or awkward around them given how much time you’ll spend with each other.

Uncle Bob and Aunty Mildred

We all have someone in our family who is a little bit photograph mad and wants to take photos at every opportunity.


But how do I as a professional engage with them and make sure they don’t feel left out?  Here’s how!!!

Just Takes Photos?

So we’ve all wondered if all the photographer does is take photos – I know I did attending weddings as a guest upwards of ten years ago before I got into this industry!


Some just take photos and head home.  Some (like me) are frankly insane and get their hands and knees dirty in everything that goes on. It’s all part of making the day special for you and being there for every eventuality that may arise.

Photographic Styles, Filters and Snapchat

It’s VERY easy to get locked up with current trends in terms of images, filters and crazy borders.  This page is about why you need to avoid this and why your wedding photographs should be timeless.

It doesn’t stop here!  There are three sections in the bride guide, and you’ll find links to the hub pages below!  Enjoy!