The Bride Guide
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Planning your Wedding Day

Planning is one of those things you either love or you hate.

I hate to break it to you, but if you hate it you’ll need to get used to it.  But – and most importantly you’re not alone! 

I do everything I can to help my brides with planning, from looking together at timelines, discussing options at their venue.  Most of all I love to throw new ideas over that they might not have thought of to add something extra fun to the mix.

And also, I’ve got some fabulous future and previous brides that always help me out.  You’ll find that many of them have helped me on these articles and given their thoughts about what they did!  If this helps just one other person then it was all worth it!

Your Second Most Important Decision

You don’t know it yet, but your wedding photographs and photofilms are the second most important decision you will make about your wedding!

Not my opinion, but that of my previous couples!  So why not read this and see if you agree with them?

Choosing the Bride's Dress

Picking the bride’s dress is either the second or third most important element of planning your wedding, depending on how you list out your priorities. Therefore it’s essential that you know what you want, have ideas on how to get there, and most importantly you find a dress that makes you feel fabulous and amazing!

A Brides View - Planning a wedding

You probably already know I’m so passionate about your day being amazing that I’m super happy to help with the planning process and the timelines.


But it’s also important to look from the other side at how you can/should plan. So I reached out to one of my bride’s, the very lovely Beth, to help you understand how she approached it, what she did and didn’t do etc.

Groomsmen and their suits

It’s very traditional that your groomsmen and the bridal party  are suited and booted and normally in matching attire. While having matching suits is of course not mandatory, I will say it does bring a very lovely congruity to proceedings.

So how can you keep costs under control?

Why EVERY engaged couple needs a credit card

So this is one of those pages that is just sensible advice, nothing emotive and certainly not exciting.  But it does explain why you, as a couple getting married, need to think about how you pay for things to your suppliers.

It’s all about Section 75 – and why it is more than important!


Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life. Naturally, you want to look your best and feel truly amazing.


It is also the chance for you to be unashamedly you. Not worrying about what other people think, not being self conscious about things you can’t control, and most importantly letting your hair down and loving who you are.

Choosing the Bridesmaids Dresses

After the bride’s dress, one of the key components of any wedding is the bridesmaids dresses.

This is your opportunity to choose something absolutely stunning and glamorous for your best female friends. It also gives you the opportunity to inject a bit of style with the colourings, the patterns and the style of the dresses.

Hairstyles and Stylists

One of the key things in the morning of your wedding day is having your hair styled, to make you feel beautiful (even though you already look it!). Here are some thoughts and questions you should consider as part of making this as easy as possible.

Wedding Transport

Wedding transport is a big thing – its what gets you to say your “I Do’s”!  Ultimately, you need to get to where you’re saying your “I do’s” and you need to know that you’ll get there safely and on time. You also need to consider how many people you have in your bridal party and therefore how they’re going to arrive.

The Bridal Emergency Bag

One thing every bride should have is her emergency bag of supplies!

Your wedding day will go very quickly but in hours isn’t short and given how busy you’ll be there are a few things you should have on standby just in case.

It doesn’t stop here!  There are three sections in the bride guide, and you’ll find links to the hub pages below!  Enjoy!