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Why Me?  Why should you want Phil Endicott to be your wedding photographer?

So, by now if you’ve got this far, you’ve probably gathered now I’m hugely passionate about weddings and the love they bring to the world.

I want to help you make it a moment to remember forever more with beautiful pictures and videos you can proudly look back on years from now.

Hopefully the images and photofilms you’ve seen on this website has itself made you want to ask me to be part of your day!  I can but hope!

But I also think it’s really important to know WHY I am who I am and also how I became a wedding photographer!  That way you can truly and totally understand why I care so much about them.

This story starts in 2013:  this day has cemented itself as one of the most special days in my life.  6th of July, it’s a 32C sunny day, my two very best friends Aaron and Lou tying the knot.  I’m juggling being both best man and secondary photographer.  Both the most challenging day of my life but also the very best.

I got to see first hand the difference I could make to a wedding day by producing memories first hand, but also the difference that being friends with couples on their wedding day could make to the photos.  Without this day I very much doubt I’d be privileged enough to be doing what I do now.

Don’t get me wrong – I look at these photos now with a weird kind of horror.  They’re far from perfect, compositionally all over the place and certainly lacking the grace and balance of what I do now.  But equally, the builiding blocks are there and that’s what counted.

Why would you want Phil Endicott?
Why would you want Phil Endicott?

We head into 2014 and more of my friends are getting married: they’ve seen what I did for Aaron and Lou and ask me to do the same.  I’m naturally cautious and frankly a little scared and make them book primary photographers as well: I don’t want to ruin their special days if I get it wrong.  After these three weddings I feel in my own mind I’m doing ok, and there is definitely something there for me to consider seriously. Without meaning to sound arrogant, what happened next proved it.  All three told me they wished they’d paid me and I’d been the primary photographer. I exclaim back that they’re my friends, they’re just being kind and to get real. Two of them then tell me they’ve set me up to be primary photographer at their friends weddings: scared isn’t the half of it!  But I go ahead, do everything in my power to make those days amazing, and the rest is history.

2013 and 2014 were without doubt the most nerve racking and scary years as I started out but I’ll never forget them and the joy they brought both me and my couples.  These first wedding days helped me see that I could help make weddings that little bit more special and keep the smiles going all day. Hopefully my pictures show you this in abundance.

This is where it all started.  This is also what makes me who I am.  It also is why I work the way I do, putting the effort in to knowing my couples like the back of my hand before their wedding day.  The emotional impact of being close friends with a couple drives you to even higher heights, and makes you know the value of what you’re doing.  It also shapes your mind into accepting new ideas, trying new things, and most of all letting your creative juices flow.

Ultimately, it’s your special day and the memories it contains will last a lifetime it’s really important your photos do too.  I KNOW 100% that I can get better pictures and can tell your story better if I’ve started the journey to being your friend not just your photographer.  More importantly, there is so much more fun to be had if you’re spending your wedding day with someone you know, trust and implicitly want to have fun with!

As your friend I’ll understand why the smiles and tears mean so much, but also what you need me to do to be your “rock” that day.  As friends there will be no awkwardness or shyness: you don’t need that extra pressure on your wedding day.  If you have little ones I’ll make sure I visit plenty on the way towards your day:  it’s really important they know me and won’t be spooked by a giant man with a camera on your special day.

YFFUK Phil Endicott Newell St Mary Church Rushden Northamptonshire bride groom kissing under the tree in the gardens
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YFFUK Phil Endicott Murray Best Western Moore Place Hotel Aspley Guise bride and groom kissing with her ring hand on his shoulder
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Why would you want Phil Endicott?

Phil is an extremely talented and passionate photographer who puts great effort into everything he does.

He played a huge part in making our day perfect and went above and beyond for us. Meetings before hand to ensure are two children were comfortable and happy on the day. He took on the role of our wedding host and making sure everyone and everything was on time and in order.

He is extremely kind, caring & hilarious! I would not hesitate to recommend Phil for reliability, service, value and quality and just his general self as a wonderful friend.  Thank you very very much Phil!
Love from all us Hasseldine’s xxxx

Mrs Emily Hasseldine

I’d love to be part of your special day, I’d be proud to share it with you.  For me nothing beats the thrill of waking up knowing that day you’ll make memories and get to share it with a couple who are also NOW your friends.   For that reason I really do hope you’ll consider talking to me about what I can offer you.

I CARE, therefore I am

I’m one of the luckiest people alive: I get to do a job I LOVE with people who have become my friends and share in one of the most important day’s of their lives.

I know my couples as a friend, I know how important everything that day is, and I’ll always put in 100% ALL DAY.  That’s me, and what I do.