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Why Me


You’ve probably gathered now I’m hugely passionate about your day - I want to help you make it a moment to remember forever more with beautiful pictures and videos you can proudly look back on years from now.



Your Favourite Frame - Rings and DetailsYour Favourite Frame - Rings and Details



Ultimately it’s your special day and given the memories will last a lifetime it’s really important your photos do too.  To do this I always like to get to know you – I honestly feel and find that I can get better pictures and can tell your story better if I've started the journey to being your friends not just your photographer.



Your Favourite Frame - Special TouchesYour Favourite Frame - Special Touches



As your friend I’ll understand why the smiles and tears mean so much, but also what you need me to do to be your “rock” that day.  As friends there will be no awkwardness or shyness: you don’t need that extra pressure on your wedding day.  If you have little ones I’ll make sure I visit plenty on the way towards your day:  it’s really important they know me and won’t be spooked by a giant man with a camera on your special day.



Your Favourite Frame - Family Together after the weddingYour Favourite Frame - Family Together after the wedding


I live in Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire but love to travel and see new venues and places.  So far I've been as far as Wales, Norfolk, Scotland, St Ives, Sofia and Riga and would love to see more of the world and hope you’ll invite me to do so.


But how did I get started?  Well I’ve got a wedding to blame for all of this – but without it I wouldn’t have half of what I have today.  One July, it’s a 32C sunny day, my best friend's’ wedding, being both best man and photographer.  Both the most challenging day of my life but also the best.  I get to see first hand the difference I can make to a wedding day by producing memories first hand.



Your Favourite Frame - Weddings @ Northampton Golf ClubYour Favourite Frame - Weddings @ Northampton Golf Club



The rest is history.  This day helped me see that I could help make your day special and keep the smiles going all day.  Hopefully my pictures show this.


I’d love to be part of your special day, I’d be proud to share it with you.  For me nothing beats the thrill of waking up knowing that day you’ll make memories and get to share it with a couple who are also NOW your friends.   For that reason I really do hope you’ll consider talking to me about what I can offer you.



Your Favourite Frame - Weddings @ Brampton Grange NorthamptonYour Favourite Frame - Weddings @ Brampton Grange Northampton