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What you SHOULD know!

So this section is all about little extras that can make all the difference.

They’re not as vital, or as important as the articles in “You NEED to know”, but they’re also very worth taking the time to read and gain inspiration and thoughts from.

Like everything else on this website, letting you as a potential client know what you need to know, and what you should know and consider is a key part of who I am and what I do.

Some of the elements here won’t be for everyone, and some of them will be restricted by the weather and the season of your big day.  But actually, while the complete concept might not work, elements surely will!


And again, what I don’t tell you, you won’t know.  Always, always, tell me what you think and what I’ve missed!


Without feedback from wonderful people I can’t make the world a little better for even more people!

Your Second Most Important Decision

You don’t know it yet, but your wedding photographs and photofilms are the second most important decision you will make about your wedding!

Not my opinion, but that of my previous couples!  So why not read this and see if you agree with them?

What time is your photographer staying until?

Oh the whole, the generally accepted guide seems to be either 30 or 60 minutes after the first dance. That’s not me I’m afraid, I like to do things a little differently.

The Groomsmens' Cameras

Both sides of the wedding day story are vital. I want memories of both of you getting ready with your respective friends and families, and the fun that entailed.

But, as a bloke, I know we are useless at having our photos taken. That’s why the groomsmen cameras exist: and virtually every picture on this page is from them!

Friends for Life!

“You don’t get rid of me that easily, not until you want to!”

One of the most enchanting things that this job brings me is seeing couples grow into families, and existing families cement their love in front of their friends.

Budgeting & Planning for Weddings

With every wedding I shoot, I learn something new. With every new couple I work with I also learn new things, and new ideas. All this information builds up and before I knew it I knew more about weddings than I could possibly remember all in my brain. Be it timelines, sunset time, supplier information or budgets I’m here to help. I guess you could look at me as a free wedding planner?!

What I Do - in Pictures not Words

I know there is a lot of reading to be done here.  This page is my core beliefs in pictures, not words.  It’s a very quick summary of who I am!

GDPR - the legal stuff

So you’ve probably seen a lot of media coverage about GDPR in recent times, and a lot of emails asking you to consent to still receiving marketing. This page is about what GDPR means for you and I in terms of our relationship and the data I collect in order to do my job correctly.

Why Phil Endicott?

I think it’s really important to know WHY I am who I am and also how I became a wedding photographer!  That way you can truly and totally understand why I care so much about them.

Sunset & Sparklers

One of the first things I’ll do for you is research on your venue, the sunset time on your special day and the sight lines available to us.

It is this way we can look to create a stunning image from your day as the sun crests the horizon and the sky turns golden. Below are a few examples of why I make sure we do this.

What you Get!

It’s pretty important to know what the end result of us working towards your magical wedding day is.  So learn a little more about that here!

Engagement Shoots

I always like to start our relationship with you by doing an engagement shoot or if appropriate a family shoot.

It gives you the chance to get to know me, to know how I work and also how I’ll work with you as a couple and your family.

Ringdrops - bringing everything together perfectly!

You’ve taken time to chose your rings, your readings, your first dance song and your ceremony readings.  Also, today’s the last time that someone will be using their maiden name.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could bring this all together?  Well I DO!!   I call them ringdrops! 

Never on Holiday - the extra mile

Like everyone else I need my downtime and love travelling and seeing new parts of the world. But over the years I’ve found that I’m never truly on holiday, switched off from the world and worrying just about me. And actually, the people involved in this story are the one’s that have told me you as clients should know this. They reckon it tells you who I really am!

Questions & Answers

Well I’ve covered a lot of detail but we may as well cover a little more – those short and snappy ones! Also there are always those questions that no-one has either asked or dared or ask before so please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

So hopefully there is something useful tops and tricks here and you’ve gained a little inspiration along the way!  If there is something else you’d like to know about that I’ve not already covered please let me know!