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What you get if Phil Endicott is your wedding photographer!

If you’ve not already read about 14+ hours of happiness I’d suggest you do so now.

It gives you a really strong idea of how we can work together on the day.  It also gives you a bit of insight into how I work on a wedding day and the lengths I go to make sure you get quality time with your best friend.

My standard package contains everything I say I do on the sample day and the following:

An engagement or family shoot to suit.

I always like to start our relationship with you by doing an engagement shoot (or if appropriate a family shoot with you and your little ones).  It gives you the chance to get to know me, to know how I work and also how I’ll work with you as a couple and your family.  For more info on this please see the engagement shoot page – there is a button just below to get you there!

What You Get

Let’s Get Together!

OOk, technically a consultation but that sounds SO boring and formal!  Basically let’s go to the pub or out to dinner together so we can get to know you, how you tick, how you got together and what’s important to you both.  It’s a lot better for all of us if it’s informal but also gives me the chance to see you being you and how you are with each other.  It also means you can make sure you’re comfortable with me.  I’ll also bring previous albums with us to show you and hopefully inspire you for some new ideas.  We will need to do some paperwork as well – just the usual will do’s, can’t do’s, where to do’s and when to do’s.

Online and app access to your photographs.

I normally supply 500 finished, colour corrected and polished photos from your wedding day and 80 from your engagement shoot.  Don’t be hugely surprised if it’s more though – to my mind there is no point in simply throwing away memories to hit a number.  You’ll also have access to a Smartphone App that you can view, download and save your photos on your device: you can also share this with friends and family if you so wish.

I always try to turn your photos around as quickly as possible without cutting corners and compromising on the quality.  Even in the height of wedding season I am normally turning photographs around in 4 weeks maximum.  This can be left open via a dedicated link for all to see or password protected if you’d prefer.  Let me know if you’d like/prefer a USB key instead – it’s easily sorted.

You’ll also find a lot more about the app and website, along with how I deliver and why on that page.  Another button below!

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As part of the package you get a 10”x10” 20 page album of your favourite photos put together with custom backdrops and your input.  We normally suggest you both join me one evening after we’ve sent you an initial proof of our ideas to go through and amend as appropriate.  You can also optionally upgrade the sizing or number of pages or receive half sized “parent” books for your coffee table or for important friends and relatives.  Feel free to take a look at a few examples of previous Albums on our samples page.

Photofilms, Videos and UNUNUN-films.

I also put together a video montage of your photos to licensed music of about 4 minutes in length perfect for sharing on Facebook or Vimeo with friends and family.  Alternatively I can make an UNUNUN-film (Uncut, Unedited, Unblinking) for you a couple of days after your wedding so you can relive and recall your day in doublequick time.  You can also choose instead a “Photofilm” version which is includes recorded speech and your words from your special day such as your vows, the readings and the speeches to make it all complete.

Examples of all the options are shown on the photofilms and UNUNUN page.

(Guess what – another button!!!!  Bet you didn’t see that coming!)

What You Get
YFFUK Phil Endicott Groomsmen Cameras 100041

Groomsmens’ Cam.

I always like to share two of my little digital camera’s with the groomsmen in the morning of the wedding.  That way they don’t have to stick to a rigid schedule, can feel more relaxed AND we’re getting both sides of the wedding day story.

It’s different I know, but it works I promise.  You’ll find more here.

I’ll always look to make bespoke packages for you if preferred – if there is an element which does not fit for you or needs changing please simply pick up the phone and let us know so I can cost accordingly.

Don't Ask, Won't Know

I’ll always look to make bespoke packages for you if preferred – if there is an element which does not fit for you or needs changing please simply pick up the phone and let us know so I can cost accordingly.  Ultimately if you don’t ask if I can, I can’t tell you!