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The Value and Importance of Wedding Albums

So let’s have a talk about albums. In my opinion, they’re more valuable, and actually more important than ever previously.

We do live in a digital world. We all take photos on our smartphones, our iPads. But it’s very rare that we take the time to print them, display them, and have them there for us at any moment.

Now, if you’ve already read through bits of my website, you’ll know that all your photos are delivered electronically via an app. If you haven’t, then there is a link to that article below.

What this means for you is that you can always get them wherever in the world you are. But for me, the value of a printed album is absolutely huge. Simply because that means that your images are there in all their glory in front of your eyes. There is also something special about printed material.

Digital pictures, they’re great. But you haven’t got that 3d effect, you haven’t got that in your face moment, and sure as you haven’t got the ability just to flick through those pages. The other thing that always made me sad was wedding albums that just sit in a cupboard and don’t ever see the light of day. The albums that are hidden away on the basis that realistically speaking, you don’t want them out on display because they might get damaged. In my mind, a wedding album is something that should always be there, always reminding you of that magical day that you had. It is a reminder of those memories that that day brought to life and made your heart sing.

I asked my previous couples about this to make sure I wasn’t going mad. They made it clear that the photos contained within their album were the keys to unlocking those happy feelings, the emotion and the strength of conviction that brought them to that wedding day. It’s for that reason that I took care and time over choosing the albums that I utilise. I have selected two companies and two specific album types that are as durable as you like.

PS I know I need new cushions: those ones are horrific. But I took these photos during Covid-19 lockdown so I wasn’t allowed out to get new ones.


Okay, I’m not gonna lie, they’re not the cheapest, but there’s a very good reason for that. Firstly, the pages are super thick and are unlikely to get damaged in normal life. They are also printed on metallic paper which makes the images jump out of the page. It’s almost a 3d effect and really brings the moment to life and really adds something extra to what you see in front of you. The spines are reinforced and the front’s are leatherette. So you can actually leave them on your coffee table, always there for you to see.


That in itself is for me the important bit!  We all have bad days at work; we all have bad days of the weekend. But actually, what do we need to bring us around from that we need something happy something, to bring smiles, and to bring along happy moments. And therefore, I want you to have an album that can be on the coffee table that can always be there. So that when your friends, your family come around to visit, they can pick it up, flick through and see the memories that you made that day. And also, it’s quite nice for you to have it there as a reminder, to remind each other why you love each other, we all again have good days we have bad days, that always in every relationship be anger and quarrel that naturally exist in every relationship.


Having memories like that at the tips of your fingers so that you are in a position to remember why you came to this day together, why you said those magic words and the reason you made your relationship a lifelong commitment. Actually, that leads me to a quite interesting little story.


Like you, I have had many couples that are wondering, do they want an album and so on. But I’ve got three couples that live by their album. And every so often, I’ll get a snapshot sent to me on Messenger or WhatsApp of their album open on a particular page. That’s very special to me reminding me of why that day was so important to them and of the love that it brought to them. Sometimes it’s just because they’re remembering that day. Sometimes it’s because one of them’s been a bad boy or a naughty girl. And that page serves as a reminder to each other to suck it up and be better at making each other smile like they did on their wedding day. 

You’ve hopefully also noticed these certainly are not the wedding albums of old: images stuck onto white pages.  Every page is bespoke, I’ve designed it myself from the ground up.  Generally, I’ll also try to use elements of your day as the background images behind the pictures.  This is very subtle, but it changes an album from something basic to one that is truly yours.  It might be woodgrain from the wedding table, wallpaper from the bridal suite, the fabric of the bridesmaids dresses and so on.

Two examples stand out for me of these background images.  For one wedding, both the bride and the groom were farmers.  Well, I wanted their album to be unique so I popped up to the farm one night and took pictures of the wheat fields, went into the barn and got pictures of the grains.  Another wedding the bride and groom loved Doctor Who, so I made some Tardis blueprints for their album.

I’ve also put together another article where you can look inside the albums.  I hope this explains my vision a little better and shows you what they’re truly like.  You’ll find that below.

An album isn’t life or death of course. But for me, I feel that it’s vital and essential. It’s something that will bring happiness and love for years to come. It’s my hope that actually these wedding albums will be there for your children and your great grandchildren to see and so that you can live your day, through the generations to come.

You’ll also see these little books and wonder what they are: I call them a parent album. They are exactly half the size of your main album and are a fantastic little addition. I find a lot of couples have these for their parents and sometimes also their bridal party as a thank you for all they did to make the day special. They are the same thick paper, the same leatherette and simply forgo the glass acrylic front and metallic paper to make them affordable.


There is also a slightly cheaper option available: it’s still a lovely album but is only square in size, is thinner paper and doesn’t have the metallic 3d effect on the pages. But it’s certainly still something to treasure. Also, unfortunately, there is no parent album option either.  Images of this below as well.


 To that end, I will always try and find a way to get a full metallic style album within my couples packages. At the end of the day, of course, they’re not cheap. The reason that they’re not cheap is because I’ve gone for the best quality so they last. But to me, if it means that I have to switch a few things around so that I can get you an album, then I will. If it means that I have to play with the numbers that little bit harder so that I can find a way to get you that printed reminder of your day, then I’ll do it.


Like most of the things you read about on this website, that I guess is who I am. I’m committed to you as a couple, having the best day of your lives. I’m committed to having you being able to relive those memories day in, day out. And I’m also committed to you having a printed album so that you can walk in your house in the evening, look at the coffee table and be reminded of the love, happiness and emotion that your wedding day contained.


I also have a LOT of wedding albums as you can see. Why? Well it’s threefold. Firstly it is fantastic for me to be able to show other couples my work and what their album could look like. Secondly, it’s also a massive inspiration point and boost for me. We all have “down’ days and when that happens to me I simply grab one of these albums and bring smiles back to my face. Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, they serve as a daily reminder of why I do what I do, and what it means to the world. If that ever ceases to be the case I know I need to have a long hard look in the mirror. But also my fur children seem to love them too, and they adore delivery night. I think they’re of the opinion that the boxes have arrived purely for their benefit!

YFFUK Phil Endicott Useful things my cat tock climbing and sleeping on wedding albums

Ultimately, it comes down to a very, very salient and important point. Do you want your wedding photos to be trapped on your phone on your computer? Or do you want them to live and breathe and be in the real world. And for me, that’s why a wedding photo album is of vital importance. And actually one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

The key to unlocking memories

So that’s the main thing here:  wedding albums are not life or death.  But they ARE life changing.  They can help you unlock precious memories of your most important day every single day of your life.