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Testimonials – what other people say about me and why you should book me!

Hopefully you think my work speaks for itself: however it is always better to hear from someone else who knows what you’re thinking and wondering.

Therefore below you’ll find a few words from some of my previous couples, their families and their guests.

Some people have really spewed out the words and feelings which means the world to me:  it’s so reassuring to hear how well they think you do and what you brought to the day.  Others are just little snippets:  but these are important to me as any others.  Any few kind works goes a long way and makes me so happy and smiley as a result.

Our photographer Phil, why did we pick him?

Phil was recommended to me by a family friend. Phil was their photographer for their wedding a few years back. A photographer for my wedding is something I was very anxious about and knew that from the start I would have to feel comfortable and confident around them.

After an initial phone call with Phil about what I wanted from a photographer and what I imagined my big day to be like, me and my fiancé decided to meet up with him.

Well, from the off we got on so well, he is so bubbly, friendly and felt like a friend we had known years. I don’t feel confident with getting my photo taken but after a good chat, I was posing in my living room with my fiancé and felt so at ease which I was so shocked about, but that’s when I knew I needed Phil to capture my big day.

Not only did he offer a great price for my full day coverage & engagement shoot, he has been my saviour (who needs a wedding planner when I have Phil?!). Literally, nothing is too big or too small for Phil, he will always try his best to give us the best advice and guide us to the right people if he doesn’t know the answer (which isn’t very often)!

If you’re questioning whether Phil is the one for you, don’t!  There really is no risk at all.  It’s safe to say he is undeniably dependable, 100% of the time!  An utter professional, and now our very close friend.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do for us, I can’t wait for you to capture our special day and have beautiful photos to look back at! We really cannot thank you enough!!

Miss. Beth Sharman

The best decision we could have made – bar none!

When looking for a photographer, you want to get it right. After all, photos are the one thing you have to look back on for the rest of your life. We searched through several photographers until we were finally introduced to Phil from a close friend who knew him prior to our engagement. I was told he was a perfectionist which is one of the reasons he’s so good at his job.

When initially speaking to Phil on the phone we instantly clicked and our ideas bounced off each other. For someone who’s quite self conscious of a ‘natural photo’ Phil kept his patience and made sure i was happy with the moments he likes to capture (and also took plenty of the same frame to make sure my eyes were open on at least one of them!)

My now husband and I had a short engagement due to family illness and in the little time we had, Phil went out of his way to get to know us all. He also made sure our 3 year old daughter was familiar with him so she wouldn’t be shy on the day.

He was not only a photographer but a wedding planner, a helping hand, someone to vent to when I was stressed and just an all round problem solver.

You can tell how passionate he is about his job and his attention to detail is amazing.

Our wedding day was effortless all thanks to to Phil, our wedding venue and bridal party working together as a team. 6 months on and we’re still reliving our day as if it was yesterday xx

Mrs. Sarah Smith

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Testimonials – What People Say About Me!

You’re amazing – please stay that way!

Phil – there was absolutely nothing more you could have done to make our wedding day so special and so memorable. I was so happy with everything you did throughout the day from making me smile, to helping out where needed, and being kind enough to do speeches on Cole and our parents’ behalf given the emotional impact of the day had had on their ability to speak themselves.  There really is not one dull moment when you’re around.


I couldn’t be happier with the photos, the colours are so vibrant and gorgeous!  I know you were worried about the lack of natural daylight given our wedding was after sunset but wow you nailed it.  Considering we didn’t have any natural daylight to help you out, the colours and how clear the photos were just blew me away! And to top it off, you can barely tell you had lights up to help you out which makes everything look so real and fun!  No-one ever looks blinded or squinty which is amazing!


You are such a fantastic photographer and considering we were put in touch by Gift of a Wedding, I didn’t know who we’d get or what they’d be like.  I’m so so pleased it was you:  I couldn’t have thought of more perfect ways to have had our photos.  There are some photos I would never have thought about doing without you. I am forever grateful to have had you as my photographer!


You are just a fabulous, genuine man at not only being a photographer but also becoming a friend!  You’re not someone who just turns up on the day, takes photos and leaves.  You build a friendship with people, not only the pair getting married but everyone who’s involved with the wedding. You have such a bubbly personality and you’re not afraid to tell people your opinion or a way which you think could make the photos better. You are like no other photographer I have ever met, you’re one in a million and you shouldn’t change anything… well maybe find some better, more funnier jokes!


Love you always, and thank you for coming into our lives xxxx

Mrs Chelsea Wooten

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So thoughtful and kind every single day.

We were both so pleased that Phil was able to be our wedding photographer, both my husband and I are camera shy and Phil made things so easy for us, starting with the pre wedding shoot and then of course the actual day . We have a beautiful collection of photographs and fantastic memories of our day which we look at nearly every day.

Three things really stood out for me and my husband when we think about our wedding day.  The time that Phil took with us to get to know us and help us plan the day made the day run so smoothly.  If he didn’t know us as well as he did there is no way that the photos would be so natural and amazing.  His planning and thoughts about what we could do and when were totally invaluable.  He also made everything so easy and fun and I think it’s obvious from the smiles on our faces in every single photo.

When we watched our photofilm for the first time we were blown away.  Phil had taken the time to write a poem for us and got our children to record the words for the video and my goodness what an amazing and unexpected surprise.  It really did bring everything together so wonderfully and it’s a beautiful addition to our mementos.

Phil … you really did such a fantastic job… Thank you so much for everything you did for us!!!!!  Sending all our love xxx

Mrs Dee Bunce-Powell

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YFFUK Your Favourite Frame Weddings Photography Powell Grovefield House Hotel Burnham Slough bride and groom in the pagoda being themselves smiles purple wedding dress

What is a wedding photographer?

I sat here and asked myself this. To most it’s someone who captures your day – that part is true, that is what a wedding photographer does.

But what makes Phil different from anyone else I’ve ever seen or worked with before, is the fact that Phil captures moments that no one else sees, that special look or smile, the laughter, the tears, the joy in peoples faces.

Phil captures moments only a camera can see, not the naked eye, he finds ways to bring out the best in you and your wedding party, he works with you to make sure you have the carefree perfect day, just like you hoped and dreamed of. Your day is Phil’s passion.

And then when the day is over Phil turns your memories into a masterpiece for you to cherish long after the bubbles have stopped fizzing or the flower petals have dropped ….and that to me is more than just a wedding photographer, that is priceless.

Mrs. Jackie Sullivan

YFFUK Phil Endicott Sullivan Oakley Arms Harrold Bedfordshire love of my life jenga block cuddling husband
Testimonials – What People Say About Me!

You’re the best wedding photographer I’ve seen.

Hey Phil, just a note to say thank you for everything you did for Hannah and Tim’s wedding.  You really were amazing start to finish.

I couldn’t believe how different you are to all the other wedding photographers I’ve seen at weddings.  You were so outgoing and willing to chat to everyone rather than just being a photographer taking photos, you really engaged with everyone. What I loved about that was the way our friends that are normally shy and hide away came out to play and have fun with you.

You are very creative in what you did to make the photos happen and really love the way you edit photos really well.  Also really good use of lighting and colours ( I got to see Tim and Hannah’s final album tonight!)

You come across as really easy to talk to which puts everyone at ease especially those who don’t like their photo being taken. I have found some photography to be very to the point and staged but Hannah and Tim’s wedding never felt like that.

Miss Ashleigh Mathieson

We couldn’t have done it without Phil!

Phil is an extremely talented and passionate photographer who puts great effort into everything he does.

He played a huge part in making our day perfect and went above and beyond for us. He was always happy to have plenty of meetings before hand to ensure our two children were comfortable and happy on the day. He took on the role of our wedding host and making sure everyone and everything was on time and in order.

He is extremely kind, caring & hilarious! I would not hesitate to recommend Phil for reliability, service, value and quality and just his general self as a wonderful lifetime friend.  Thank you very very much Phil!
Love from all us Hasseldine’s xxxx

Mrs Emily Hasseldine

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Testimonials – What People Say About Me!

Phil, we will be forever grateful for the huge part you played in our special day. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Truly one of the happiest days of our lives, filled with love and you were there to capture every amazing moment of it with us xxx  PS Do you EVER stop? xxx

Emma Line

Quite simply the best photographer ?
I can’t praise Phil enough, he didn’t stop all day and night…….he’s created such stunning photo’s of my Brother and my Sister in-laws magical day ????

Emma Gibbs

Amazing photographer. Such fun to be around. He made sure everything ran smoothly and captured all the photos we asked for.

He puts 110% into everything and nothing is too much to ask. I cannot recommend Phil enough.

Gemma Woolley

Phil is by far the best person I could have had to take my wedding pictures. He loves what he does and it’s shows in his pictures. Each one captured a moment not just a boring pose. Cannot recommendation him enough ??

Marie Mitchell

Outstanding photographer! The passion he puts into his work I personally have never seen anything like it before and the results are just amazing, and thanks to Phil’s work I get to relive all those memories every time I look through the incredible album he put together for us xx

Emmy Pinto

Phil is amazing at what he does, my day ran so smoothly all thanks to you and your tireless efforts.  All the photos were fantastic and a testament to all your hard work both on the day and in the run up to our wedding.

Thanks so much Phil for making my day everything I could have ever dreamt of XxxX

Loretta Gee

Phil is an extremely talented and passionate photographer who puts amazing effort into achieving the expectation of his clients. He played a huge part in making our day perfect and went above and beyond to support us throughout the day and provide us with the most amazing memories and the most beautiful video and album. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil for reliability, service, value and quality.

Dionne Gorman

The absolute best experience I have had with a professional photographer. Phil not only captures the beauty of his subjects but also their personalities. He is warm, kind and funny, fantastic attributes to have when working with people. I could not recommend him enough, thankyou Phil for capturing all our family memories xx

Karin Duffy

Testimonials – What People Say About Me!
Testimonials – What People Say About Me!
Fahey 10307 scaled
Wooten WD 100343 scaled

Phil – that is absolutely beautiful ❤️ what a wonderful keepsake:  brought tears to my eyes xx

Sara Fuoco

We both cannot thank you both enough you both went above and beyond to make our wedding day as happy as possible your attention to detail was second to none it truly was like watching poetry in motion but the best thing for us not only did we have to great photographers we have now got two great friends too xx

Richard Heywood

Thanks Phil, you’re an absolute superstar! It wouldn’t have been the same day without you!  You just kept on going, making so many happy memories for me and the WIFE!!!!

Ben Smith

 Phil these are your best yet. Brought a tear to my eye and I don’t even know any of the participants! Well done xx

Tanya Cole

Aww, Phil, that bought a tear to my eye again. So nice to hear the speeches again. You try and remember what was said afterwards but with so much going on it’s hard to recall. 

This is fabulous and such a true reflection on a wonderful day xx LOVE IT! xx

Pauline Nesden

Phil Endicott has worked his magic once again!!!  Obviously he had a huge bunch of amazingly beautiful and talented people to work with xxx

Nadine Holroyd

First pass Compilation of the many amazing photos captured by none other than Phil Endicott from our wedding day ! Can’t wait for the photos and final product. Don’t blink as there’s lots in here xx such a magical royal wedding xxxx

Don Hutchinson

Phil, we can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being part of a truly wonderful, inspiring day. Love. Love. Love these photos

God I’m blubbering again..also thanks so much Phil for the magical amazing films and welcome to our family!!

Janet Loach

A really fabulous guy who gives his total all for your photography and ensures your day is extra special. So very fortunate to have found him. Xx xxx

Mary Bonham

Phil, I just had to watch this on repeat!!! Oh my god it was beautiful, every girl dreams of a day like this. what a wonderful thing for Jo to keep. Just beautiful xx

Michelle Langford

Speechless.  Phil Endicott wow to your photography, you did a fabulous job!!!!  What an amazing way to see my best friend get married to her true love

Lucy Schofield

Phil, thank you so much for making this video. I couldn’t make it across the globe to be there on they day…so it’s just amazing to be able to see it like this. Can’t wait to hear about it all from Ruth Tarry

Stephanie Lawson

Gawjus moments caught beautifully xxx

Kayleigh Lynn Chenery

Mate not only great photographer, but giving yr time up twice a year towards a charity is an Unbelievable gesture.  Good work pal

Mark Gibbs

On behalf of my husband and myself we would like to thank everyone that made our day so special but most of all Phil Endicott the most amazing photographer who we now call a friend for life.  He didn’t stop, kept us smiling and made sure we always had a juice!  Oh and a pitstop at McDonalds as well!!!!! xxx

Martene Broadbent

Phil Endicott, you’re amazing! Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments  xx

Stacey Mwasuku

Wow amazing pictures ❤️ great photographer very involved Xx Bet you had a beer or three at the end of the day Xx

Mandy Stead

Phil you are just so blooming awesome! The photos are fantastic.  Thank you so much for making my Hannah’s day so special! xx

Elaine Miller

Am in bits thanks to these lovely videos and photos, for so many reasons. I can not express how amazing you are, or how grateful I am for the work you did for Chelsea and Cole

Sharon Turgoose