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Ringdrops – linking everything together perfectly!

It’s the morning of your wedding.  You’re in your bedroom as you nervously wait for your hair and makeup teams to arrive.

Sat with you are your wedding rings, your “something borrowed and blue”, a copy of the reading your bridesmaid will read, as you hum your first dance song in your head.

Wouldn’t it be rather lovely to have something to tie all these elements together?  One image which encapsulates all that today is about?  And also, one last chance to see the bride’s surname down in print before it changes forever?

This is EXACTLY why I invented my “ringdrops”.  They’re a little bit of artwork I make for you in the days leading up to your wedding day, bringing together all these little elements that you took your time to choose so they were perfect for the pair of you.

You’ll see from the images below you’ll always see your names, the date of your wedding and often the venue you chose to spend your day at.  The ringdrops often contain your first dance lyrics, sections of your service readings, and also sometimes the nicknames you use for each other.  Also, sometimes if it’ll enhance the effect, I’ll incorporate in a picture of you both from your engagement or family shoot.


Truth be told, I very rarely make only one ringdrop.  I normally end up with at least three, and sometimes a half dozen.  I’ll often talk with you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen about which you prefer and which ones make your hearts sing the most.  I’ll often also bring in your bridal bouquet and the groomsmens lapel flowers along with your wedding invite.  For this reason, and also because I’m a sentimental old sod, I’d love it if you’d send me a copy of your invite to sit with your ringdrop.


Of course, this is just one small element and certainly not one that will change the world.  But, to me, it’s a lovely little touch which makes a difference and ties everything your wedding day is about together in one photo. 


What really makes me think these ringdrops are valuable and worthy of you knowing about, is the fact that at least one of these photos has ended up in every single album I’ve produced with my couples.  If they didn’t like them, then they wouldn’t be in there.  Also, and I’m not proud of this, but on over a dozen occasions when I’ve shown the bride the ringdrops on the day, a few tears have occurred.


I know these are certainly not the reason you’ll make a choice about a wedding photographer.  But hopefully it is another demonstration of the lengths I always go to to personalise my approach to your day, and that I’ll do everything in my power to make the amazing even more so!