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Questions and Answers – “how far will you come?”, “who owns the copyright?” and more…..

Well I’ve covered a lot of detail but we may as well cover a little more – those short and snappy ones!

 Also there are always those questions that no-one has either asked or dared or ask before so please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

The MOST important thing you remember is that I’m here to help – ALWAYS!  Nothing is too much to ask, ultimately what you don’t ask you won’t know

Who Own's the Copyright?

An important one to start!  As far as we’re concerned I’d like to share with you.  Yes they’re my creations but they’re also of your special day and with the people you love and care about.  I do like to use my previous work as examples for other to see (like you have) but if you have any objections about particular images you need only to ask.

My only stipulation is that they are not used for commercial purposes.  For example if a supplier asks to use them please give them my details so we can sort it out properly.  I never ever stop suppliers using them, but its often much better for us both if we do it at the same time and bounce off each others content.

How far will you come?

I love seeing the world and frankly we’ll do anything we can to help.  So far I’ve been as far as Wales, Norfolk, Scotland, St Ives, Sofia and Riga and would love to see more of the world and hope you’ll invite me to do so.  My travel is included to your venue if in the UK – if you want me to look at other EU locations our fee remains the same but we’d ask you to cover my flights and hotel.

Who will take the photos?

If you haven’t gathered already it’s mainly me!  However I’ll make sure you and your family have access to some of my little cameras so you can capture extra moments along the way.

I also do have a number of other photographers I work with frequently, and also some students that at the top of their game.  If you’d like to discuss having a second photographer on your day, simply let me know!

How long are you there?

Within reason as long as you’ll have me – I like seeing the evening events and the photos that unfold as the evening goes on.  Let’s face it, when everyone has had a beer or two it can get quite interesting!!

How do you make our images and video?

I use Adobe products 90% of the time: be it Lightroom and Photoshop for photographs and Premiere for video.  I also use Pfixer to make my mixing desk work along with various tone controls such as Nik, Macphun and On1 depending on the style of your day.  If you want to know just ask – I promise to try not to be too much of a geek.

What camera equipment do you use?

Well I’m “different”.  I love Sony and I work using the Sony Alpha 7 and 9 family.  Whilst most people will tell you it’s a bit of a wildcard I love the extra portability the smaller chassis and yet full frame sensor gives.  It also let us get closer to the action without getting in the way.  Also the Zeiss glass makes a lot of difference in getting really crisp and precise images.

How and when do we get our photographs?

I normally supply 500 finished, colour corrected and polished photos from your wedding day and 80 from your engagement shoot.  Don’t be hugely surprised if it’s more though.  We always try to turn your photos around as quickly as possible without cutting corners and compromising on the quality.

What would you say is your style?

The best way to describe it is journalistic.  I’m not into masses of posed and forced shots.  I generally like to take photos of the day unfolding.  I like the shots to be natural and reflective of the day – generally it’s also photographs that make you think and see your day from another angle you might not have thought of.

Do you use flash?

In normal course of a wedding – I try not to in honesty.  It can often make the photos look forced and also make people jump.  I’ve got “fast” lenses to take in a lot of light so generally unless it’s the most dark of rooms we can use just natural light to tell a stronger story.  However – and importantly – I am more than up for being a little creative in the gaps in the day if you so wish – and for this flash is both fantastic and also helps shape some pictures to remember.

What happens if it rains?

Nothing to worry about there – it happens!  It also happens I’ve made a thing of collecting umbrellas in seemingly every possible shape, colour and size over the years as the below will show.  We always take an appropriate set of umbrellas with us to every wedding and bar only one event this year their presence has alone has spirited away the rain clouds!

In the event it doesn’t it’s nothing to be afraid of.  As the below will show you we can make a thing of it – it’s not every day you can be “Singing in the Rain”.  Take a look here at “Sunshine, Singing in the Rain & Sparklers”.

Are you insured?

Of course – both for Public Liability and Indemnity.  I’ve never needed to use it and hope we never do either!

What happens if your camera breaks/How many cameras do you have?

Not likely to be a problem –  I have 8 camera bodies in total.  Therefore the chances of having any problems is very slim indeed (he says grasping the wooden office desk tightly) and it hasn’t happened yet either!

Do you have a GDPR Compliance statement?

I do – there is even a GDPR page given it’s importance – please take a look here!

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Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

Ask me questions!

Feel free to ask me any questions you like:  after years of weddings I know a lot of useful information.  Ultimately the only stupid question is the one you were too scared to ask!