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Photofilms and UNUNUN’s – Bringing your wedding day to life through the magic of video and voices

Let’s face it: we’re in a Facebook and Youtube generation

Everyone loves videos and likes watching them: but video and particularly videography is expensive. Plus video doesn’t always have the same impact as still photos.

I truly believe everyone should be able to have special memories at an instant which brings everything that your day was about back to you.

This is why I record the audio of the day, why I take so many photos and why I put it all together in a ten to fifteen minute photofilm.  This is also why I take time to get to you know you and your family in the run up to the big day so I know why this day matters so much and how you’re likely to be together on your big day.

I’m well aware this sounds too good to be true – that’s why I’ve put examples for you below.  But don’t just take my word for it – ask my previous bride Dee! 

So thoughtful and kind every single day.

When we watched our photofilm for the first time we were blown away.  Phil had taken the time to write a poem for us and got our children to record the words for the video and my goodness what an amazing and unexpected surprise.  It really did bring everything together so wonderfully and it’s a beautiful addition to our mementos.

Phil … you really did such a fantastic job… Thank you so much for everything you did for us!!!!!  Sending all our love xxx

Mrs Dee Bunce-Powell


This is created once the photos are all developed. This takes the photos of your day and is completed with the audio from your day be it your vows, your speeches, your readings or even your thoughts from the morning as you’re getting ready. This is completed with licensed music I compose to match your day and the flow of the photos. It’s the real words spoken on your day and your emotions being heard over your pictures making a compelling and accurate story of all your day contained. The recorders I use are discrete and not noticeable to the majority – it’s only us that know they’re there and what they’re there for.

UNUNUN-film (Uncut, Unedited, Unblinking)

This is created for you a couple of days after your wedding so you can relive and recall your day in double-quick time.  This is best described as stop motion style and every photo from your day is included so it plays as if a movie.  I love these so much as they give you a rapid turn around to see your day as it unfolded as the memories are still fresh.  Also it is not uncommon with so much for you to miss certain parts of the day and this lets you see the day again straight off the bat.

Hybrid Photofilm UNUNUN

As you can probably guess from the name this takes inspiration from both the photofilm and the UNUNUN and puts it all together.  This style is perfect if you love the UNUNUN speed and concept, but want a splash of colour and the vocals to go with.

FYI this will NEVER be perfect – simply because there are just so many frames it is impossible to colour check them all.  However, I think it looks the part and is a rather lovely option to consider.

Optional upgrade

If you would like a full wedding video I’ll happily arrange this for you. Normally an hour in length they focus on the ceremony and speeches and are interspersed with the photos of your day and the associated audio. In the same way as the photofilms we can add in extra readings or poems that mean something to you.  If you would like to see an example please let me know by phone or email.

YFFUK Phil Endicott Newell St Mary Church Rushden Northamptonshire bride wiping away a tear during reading
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So what does this mean?

Video is a fantastic addition to photographs:  it adds a little extra “something” and the power of voices is often overlooked or understated.