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How to look and feel epic, gorgeous and natural in your wedding photos!

So one question I get asked a lot is how can I look my best in the photos?

The most important answer here is to be yourself and feel relaxed:  this way not only will the photos look natural and not over-posed but you’ll also recognise yourself as being yourself and not feeling they look awkward.

How can you make sure that you are relaxed?  Well the first key is to feel a natural rapport with your photographer:  if this is missing then it is not unusual for you to tense up and feel more stressed than you should be.

Looking Great

This is why, for me at least, getting to know my couples before the big day is so important.  Think about it this way:  around your friends you can be yourself and not second guess what you do.  The same is true with your photographer:  they should be, or feel like, a friend letting you be you, acting as you usually do and having fun.

That’s why I care so much about knowing you both, and being your friend not just supplier.  If you’ve not read it yet, check out “Be MY Friend” below.

Another tip if you’re feeling tense or a little tight is to use your breathing to help.  Just stand still, take a deep breath in and out, and then shake your arms loose.  I suggest you do this three times as normally this is more than enough to help out massively.

In terms of body positioning make sure you’re in control of your shoulders and not slumping forward.  Even a little backwards movement with your shoulders will open up your body no end.  Also keep close with your other half and use their body with yours to create symmetry:  touching noses and foreheads before turning it into a kiss is a perfect way to look close but also create a heart shape in silhouette between you.

Looking Great

Also use your other half to best effect:  the person you’ve just married is your best friend and therefore have a laugh and a joke with them as you’re wandering about having your photos taken.  Whisper in each other’s’ ears, tell each other jokes, remind each other about little silly things you’ve done together and also tell each other how you’re feeling on this special day.  This will make you both feel more special and this will shine through in the photos.

One useful rule also to remember is “if it bends then bend it”:  standing bolt upright with locked limbs not only looks awkward but feels it as well.  Therefore, feel free to shake out, hands on hip or around each other’s shoulders and neck.  Also don’t be scared to hold hands as this will again make the chemistry in your photos exceptionally vivid.

Looking Great

Also don’t be afraid to ask your photographer:  they have years of experience and they are they to help you.  As per usual the more you ask the more they can help you.