Your Favourite Frame - by Phil Endicott | Keeping Today's Memories for Your Tomorrows



Because EVERY Picture tells YOUR STORY


Hi, I’m Phil.  I’m a wedding photographer from Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire.  I want to be there capturing your memories so you can relive your forever day forever more.  You want amazing memories to look back upon:  I want to create the very best memories with you.


Nothing beats the special emotions and memories of a wedding day: making sure you can remember and relive those special moments is why I am a wedding photographer.  I don’t want to be just your photographer: I want to be your friend too.  After many years of weddings I’ll happily put my hand on my heart and tell you it makes such a world of difference.


Most importantly I’ll know why this day means so much to you and the emotions you’re going through.  I’ll know where the tears came from and why the smiles and love you show each other could light the room.


I can’t wait to see you glance at each other for the first time as you say your “I Do’s” and take a picture of that memory that you can look back on years to come.


I want to make you a photo-film that captures the very essence of your day and the love it contained you can watch in the years ahead with your family and your little ones.


I’d love to be there as you cut your cake and take to the floor for your first dance together creating memories that will last a lifetime.


That’s me: passionate, creative but caring.  Wedding photography is not just about the day:  it’s also about the journey.  Both yours as a couple, and ours as we work together to make it a day to remember forever more.


“Everyone deserves their favourite frame”: I’d be privileged if you’d let me create yours.