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It’s not Phil Endicott Photography for a reason!  Here is why!

I’m nothing without my clients, my couples, my friends and most of all those people that are all three.

Nothing is more special than making memories for people that have become your friends and that you know so well you know what makes them tick and what makes them smile.

I know that 95% of wedding photography businesses are “Firstname Lastname Photography” and you won’t be the first person to ask why I’m not “Phil Endicott Photography”.  It’s actually amazingly simple: it’s not just about me.

 Think about my business name “Your Favourite Frame”: yes, I’m the one taking the photos and making the photofilms, but for YOU, not me.  I’m making Your Favourite Frame, capturing those images and recording those voices that tell your day better than you could possibly imagine. I’m creating photos you’ll want to hang on your wall, have in your wedding album and moments of emotion you can’t wait to share with your friends and family.  Ultimately, I’m your photographer to make memories for YOU that will live forever.

It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why
It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why

This all starts with US as a collective:  you, me and your fiancé. This also extends to your family and friends.  This is why my desire to be your friend as well as your photographer is so very crucial and important.  If you haven’t already, read the “Be my friend” page where I explain why I have this philosophy and what it means to you all as you approach the most important day of your lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly passionate and frankly a little OCD about making sure I’m at the top of my game, am always trying new things and giving 100% at every wedding.  I absolutely love and adore getting home after a wedding day and creating your starter set and frankly getting a bit ‘emosh about what these pictures say.  After all, the old proverb is right.  A picture really does speak a thousand words.

It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why
It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why

You’d be surprised how much this matters and how much difference it makes to my couples.  But if you don’t believe me, read the below.  I’m not even shooting Beth and Tom’s wedding until summer 2021.  And yet I already know they’re very close friends and people I’m going to be in touch with for years.

I’m not really sure this could or would have happened in the same way if I was just a faceless company not applying my principles of being a friend, but also being a piece of the jigsaw not just a photographer.  I’ll let you decide.

Our photographer Phil, why did we pick him?

Phil was recommended to me by a family friend. Phil was their photographer for their wedding a few years back. A photographer for my wedding is something I was very anxious about and knew that from the start I would have to feel comfortable and confident around them.

After an initial phone call with Phil about what I wanted from a photographer and what I imagined my big day to be like, me and my fiancé decided to meet up with him.

Well, from the off we got on so well, he is so bubbly, friendly and felt like a friend we had known years. I don’t feel confident with getting my photo taken but after a good chat, I was posing in my living room with my fiancé and felt so at ease which I was so shocked about, but that’s when I knew I needed Phil to capture my big day.

Not only did he offer a great price for my full day coverage & engagement shoot, he has been my saviour (who needs a wedding planner when I have Phil?!). Literally, nothing is too big or too small for Phil, he will always try his best to give us the best advice and guide us to the right people if he doesn’t know the answer (which isn’t very often)!

Thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do for us, I can’t wait for you to capture our special day and have beautiful photos to look back at! We really cannot thank you enough!!

Miss. Beth Sharman

It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why
It’s NOT Phil Endicott Photography – and here’s why

I'm only a piece of the jigsaw

Put very simply, I’m creating YOUR Favourite Frames and memories, not mine.  And that is why my business name NEEDS to reflect that.  Think of it as showing my commitment to you, not to me!