Your Favourite Frame - by Phil Endicott | How I Do it - A Sample Wedding Day

How I do it


Your special day is finally here: it is likely the first you'll have a photographer with you most of the day.  Therefore it’s important to know what to expect and how I do what I do.  Below is a sample day to give you a little insight into how I make your memories real.


9am - I pop over to the groom’s to leave one of my mini-cameras.  Being male I know we’re not the best at having our photos taken:  with a mini camera the groomsmen can click away to their heart’s content at their own leisure.  This way we’ve got images of everything the morning brings as the two stories come together.

Walker Wedding Day-10049Walker Wedding Day-10049



10am - I arrive at the bride’s location.  We get to have some down-time together before the hair and make-up starts and have a “get to know you” with your bridal party so they also know me and don’t get camera shy.  I take pictures of your rings, your flowers and the something borrowed something blue.  As hair and make-up starts I’m there to get images of all the morning brings.

Dyball Wedding-10015Dyball Wedding-10015



11am - I’ll pop down to the venue room to take some photos of the room in all its pristine glory before anyone else gets there.  This lets me focus on the trinkets you’ve spent hours on, the place-cards you’ve made, the gift bags for your VIP’s and flowers that adorn your tables.

Murray Wedding Day-10113Murray Wedding Day-10113


12pm - The day is in full swing and it’s nearly time to adorn the magical dress.  I’ll be there to help if need be (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ended up lacing in the bride as the bridesmaid has a panic attack).  I’ll make sure you have your flowers and your trinkets as you get ready to head to the ceremony.





1pm – It’s time for me to find your other half and also the vicar or the registrars.  I’ll make sure they’re aware of what you’d like photowise from me but also your guests and see if there are any little things they need me to do.  Once this is done I’ll come back for the bridal party and help you across to the registrars.

Johnson Wedding Day-10351Johnson Wedding Day-10351




2pm - The magic happens as you say your “I Do’s”, make your vows and become one.  Afterwards you get time to mingle with your family and friends as I make sure you’ve got a glass of champagne in hand and are really enjoying your day. Gorman Wedding Day-10368Gorman Wedding Day-10368


3pm - If you’d like group photos I’ll make them happen making sure that Nan and Grandad don’t have too far to walk or have to stand for too long.





4pm – It’s time for wedding breakfast and the speeches.  I’ll grab a bite to eat too - and get some photos developed for the photo-screens for your evening guests.

Davies Wedding Day-10587Davies Wedding Day-10587




6pm - if time allows we’ll wander off together for some couple only photos.  If you want to bring any little ones feel free to do so - they’re part of the story.  Depending on the timeline and weather we’ll talk about sunset and how to make the most of the gorgeous skylines.  You can find out more about "Sunset, Singing in the Rain & Sparklers" HERE.





8pm – Cake cut and first dance time. You can finally let your hair down and have an extra few glasses of champagne. Don’t expect me to disappear straight away - if you’ll have me stay 'til later I’d love to!  It’s always great seeing your day through to the last dance and particularly the pictures of you saying goodnight to your family as a married couple are something I really treasure.