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Hairstyles and your stylist.


One of the key things in the morning of your wedding day is having your hair styled, to make you look and feel beautiful.  Here are some thoughts and questions you should consider as part of making this as easy as possible.


Hair Style and your dress.
Think about which hair styles will work best with your chosen dress.  For example, if you have an open back dress, to show this to its best potential you should consider having your hair up.  Equally if you’ve got a long flowing dress your hair could be free flowing as well with limited pinning to mirror the dress effect.   Start to discuss this well in advance with your hair stylist and get their opinions on what would work best for you but also what is going to make you feel comfortable and look amazing.  Don’t forget to take few pictures of your dress, ideally worn by yourself, to show and discuss with your stylist.


Hair at your WeddingHair at your Wedding


Veils to or not to!

Remember that wearing a veil will impact upon your hair style.  Think carefully about whether your hair style or your veil is more important to you and then speak this through with your hair stylist.  This way they can make sure that they complement each other perfectly but also that the pinning style of the veil is appropriate to the hair style.  By way of example, a low pin veil would match best with an “up” style, whereas a high pin veil would match better with a “down” flowing style.

Hair at your WeddingHair at your Wedding


Take into account the season of your wedding.  Realistically if your wedding is in the heat of summer you will probably want more of an “up” do to help keep you cooler.  Also think about how, with a few subtle extra pins, the style could evolve into the evening (and be an easy quick change to add something different).  As always this is to your taste, but is something worth discussing with your stylist.  


Hair trials.

Ultimately the purpose of the hair trials is to get as close to perfection for you, you may need more than one!  Talk with your stylist about these trials, how many they think is appropriate taking into consideration the dress and your thoughts, but also what options you have for more trials should you wish them.  Your stylist should be more than accommodating to help you get close to perfection for you:  they want you to look your best. Then chose a day you have a date or going somewhere out to make the most of the nice hair do and “road” test it.



For your bridesmaids consider if you would like their styles to be uniform, or if you’re happy for them to all have their own individual styles.  As the bride this is your choice, but be prepared to discuss this with your bridesmaids to make sure they’ll all be happy with this.  Also consider whether their hair length lends itself to the style you are thinking for them:  again photos of them sent to your stylist will massively help them work with you to know if it can be achieved.

Hair at your WeddingHair at your Wedding

Timings on the day.

On the day time is precious:  therefore knowing how many people will be having their hair done and to what extent is vital information to help your stylist plan.  As a rough guideline you should allow for bridesmaids and parents to take 30 minutes each, and yourself to take an hour.  Always add 30 minutes to this time for a safety margin: for example the bridal suite may not be ready for you.  Also introduce your hair stylist and your make-up artist in advance of the big day:  it’ll be a lot easier for them to work their magic if they’ve had a little chat together about their respective plans.


Rapport and tweaks.

Make sure you feel a sense of warmth and rapport with your hair stylist.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel uncomfortable and feel afraid to ask them about little tweaks or changes as you see their work unfolding in the mirror.  Don’t sit on your thoughts: this is your day and your stylist is there to help you feel amazing.

Hair at your WeddingHair at your Wedding

During the wedding.

It is always advisable that someone has spare grips and hair spray in case of an unexpected hair slippage:  the last thing you’d want is for a problem as you prepare to walk down the aisle.  As a photographer I’ve always carry spare hair grips and hair bands with me:  however if your photographer does not  do the same your mother are likely to be in the front row, and that your bridesmaids are always with you who can.


After the wedding.

Do bear in mind that you're likely to have a fair few hair pins in your hair during the wedding.  Therefore these have to come out at some point!  In all seriousness make sure your fiance is able to help you remove them, or alternatively have a bridesmaid on hand!


The most massive of thank you's to the fabulous Emmy Pinto for her help with this article.  I've had the pleasure of working with Emmy on several occasions and her attention to detail and care is second to none.  If you haven't already got someone lined up for hair I defintely suggest you reach out to Emmy for some ideas and creative input.  Emmy is on 07595 043533.


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