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GDPR – the boring legal stuff that no-one wants to know but legally I’ve got to produce

So you’ve probably seen a lot of media coverage about GDPR in recent times, and a lot of emails asking you to consent to still receiving marketing.  This page is about what GDPR means for you and I in terms of our relationship and the data I collect in order to do my job correctly.

I’m very aware indeed that you’re probably thinking this is a little over the top:  after all wedding photographers need to know where they need to be for when!

Agreed – but then again if you know what I’m doing and why then at least we’re all on the same page!  So here goes!

The personal data I collect

As you know you’ve completed an initial questionnaire about you, your partner, your full names and your contact details.  All this is vital: I don’t want to have to call you Sir or Madam and most importantly I need your mobile numbers so I can call you on your wedding day to make sure you don’t need anything from me as I’m on my way over.

How I keep your data

All the data is kept either on Google drive which is two factor authenticated or my own computers which are also two factor.  If you choose to not proceed with me then your data will be deleted accordingly.

Rights of confirmation, access and erasure

You have the right to request one or all of the above.  In simple terms email me or ring me as I’ll happily share with you what I have.  Your contract is shared with you in an editable form and therefore please correct any details that are wrong yourself or ask me to do so.  Ultimately it is this information which makes sure I’m at the right wedding, at the right time, in the right place.  Therefore it is rather vital to us all that I hold this.


After the wedding/event I do keep your details on file because if you forget your password or the link to your online album I need to be able to rectify this.

Use of your photos and content

This is all covered in the contract between us which also contains the details of whether you have opted to have an NDA or whether the standard rules apply.  In simple terms I’ll only be using your photos and content in the same way I did with other weddings/events which is likely to be the reason you know of me and my work in the first place.  All the online copies are stored in HTTPS locations, all the offline is on encrypted disk in my own house either in a safe or behind two locked doors with networked security cameras.  Basically you don’t need to worry because I did.


So what does this mean?

I’m just a nice normal human being who wants to look after you, make your wedding day special and give you memories that last a lifetime.  I need information to do this, but this is all information you have consented to me having in order to do my job.  I promise to look after it, and ask that you help me to do so.