Your Favourite Frame - by Phil Endicott | Bridal Emergency Bag



The Bridal Emergency Bag.


One thing every bride should have is her emergency bag of supplies:  your wedding day will go very quickly but in hours isn’t short and given how busy you’ll be there are a few things you should have on standby just in case.  Consider who will have your emergency bag, or where it can be left.


Compeed and plasters.

It’s fairly inevitable that after a day on heels you’ll get blisters:  there is nothing worse for me than seeing a bride struggling with first dance due to her feet hurting.  Compeed blister plasters are a massive saviour in this, although normal plasters will work at a stretch.  Although it may sound obvious do consider “wearing in” your wedding shoes around the house in the days leading up to your wedding. 


Hair grips, hair bands and spray.

You just never know when you might need them: the last thing I want as a photographer to see is hair slippage just as you’re about to walk the aisle.  Have a few spare with someone you know and trust:  be it your photographer, your bridesmaids or your mum.


Lipstick or lip gloss.

You’ll be kissing your fiancé rather a lot on your wedding day:  therefore it makes sense to have a top up option handy.  Given you won’t have a bag think about who best to leave this with.  Personally I have pockets on my camera strap and so I normally use these for the bride’s lip gloss so it’s always with us.



Do not under-estimate the strength of the sun:  on a wedding day especially you'll be outside for long periods and therefore it is important to consider the forecast.  Ultimately while I'm all for a warm glow, a red lobster by the end of the day isn't quite so appropriate.


Flat shoes.

It’s a long day if you’re just on heels so have a spare pair of flats available to you.  Again leave them with someone or somewhere that can be easy accessed for the day.  As the photographer personally normally put them in the side pocket of my camera bag so they’re always near the bride.  No-one normally will notice you’ve put your flats on, and if you’re heading off for sunset then it’s actually a lot more appropriate.


Chocolate or sweets.

Let’s face it it’s a long day, and can seem ages until you sit down to eat, so it’s just a good idea to have a sugar boost on tap.  Obviously in the summer months’ chocolate is less appropriate given it will melt, but have a bag of whatever your favourite sweets are available for you.  If you’ve got a late ceremony (3pm onwards) this is particular relevant to you:  your chance to eat will be very late and normally in the mornings usually the bride is too nervous to eat anything more than one nibble.


Painkillers & water.

Have some paracetamol, ibuprofen and a bottle of water somewhere to hand:  it is a long day, with alcohol flowing and very little chance to hydrate properly particularly in the summer months.  Better to be safe than sorry. Also remember any medication that you’d normally take through a normal day, normal routines do get lost in the hustle so don’t be afraid to ask someone to remind you.



The mini one from the travel section would be fine, with nerves running around means you might feel a little more comfortable with this to hand!


Tissues & baby wipes.

For obvious use, but also those emergency mop up’s!



Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for help:  they’re there to help you and make it a day to remember.  Personally I’ll always check with the bride to see if there is anything on top of this they think they need and get it in advance. 


As a seasoned photographer I carry most of the above in my bag for brides just in case, but also I often take the bride and bridesmaid’s clutch or hand bags in my roller case.  Given this follows me round, so do the emergency supplies and your phones! :-)