The Bride Guide
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About “The Bride Guide”

Tips and Tricks for making your wedding day even more amazing!

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few things about weddings over the years – and this part of my website is about sharing this information with the wider world.

Some of it may seem obvious, some of it less so, but every little helps. It’s all in the hope that a few extra nuggets of information can help make your wedding even more special and amazing. At the end of the day if it’s only in my head it can’t help anyone!

(And yes, I know “Bride Guide’ is a tad sexist.  But lets face it, the ladies are better at making decisions than us gents!  They’ll get things right first time, us gents won’t.  They’re generally better at stylistic choices than we are, and given 90% of the planning is done by the ladies it’s right we look after them!)

Bride Guide
Bride Guide

Throughout I aim to give you helpful ideas of what you should consider, what is important to communicate but also with whom.  I’ll also aim to give you some guidance as to what, why and how I do what I do and how that links in to what you’re planning for your wedding day.

Ultimately I’m very proud to be a wedding photographer and I do hope this section shows you how much I care about wedding days being truly fabulous and how I like to think I can make a difference to your day.  If you have not already decided on your wedding photographer I hope some of these pages gives you the confidence that I could be the right choice for you:  I’d be truly humbled if you’d reach out to me to see if I can be the photographer for you.


Finally, and possibly most importantly, I write the articles that I think people will find useful and interesting.  But of course, I don’t know what people want if they don’t tell me.  So please do drop me an email over using the button below if you can think of a new article I should write!

Bride Guide
Bride Guide

Below are links to all the articles I’ve currently got, and I’ve broken it down in sections of the parent topics of planning, products, on the day and photography.


Enjoy, and I hope you find it useful!