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“A wedding photographer just takes photographs”

Why I’m different from the rest!

So we’ve all wondered if all the photographer does is take photos – I know I did attending weddings as a guest upwards of ten years ago before I got into this industry!

I still do get to go to some weddings as a guest: and yes sometimes indeed that is all they do.

 Some however are different and get more involved, and some (like me) are frankly insane and get their hands and knees dirty in everything that goes on. It’s all part of making the day special for you and being there for every eventuality that may arise.

So yes I’m taking photos, but I’m often doing some if not all of the below as well.

Time Manager


Wedding days are a very interesting one time wise: one minute time is standing still and taking forever and the very next an hour has disappeared and its nearly vows time. For that reason I’m also your Time Manager, keeping you abreast of where we are, what comes next, how long until XYZ happens and so on.


I’ll be helping the bridal party know when is the best time to start getting dressed, helping the hair and makeup crew get the odds and sods together and finding Dad for that moment he sees you for the first time. I’m also the one saying “take a break together” as it’s really important you spend time enjoying yourselves with each other and your friends and family rather than it all disappearing away without “you time”.


I’ll always be liaising closely with your venue co-ordinator to make sure that everything is as planned, and keeping them aware of what is going on so they can make any changes needed. I’d rather help you out so you can enjoy your day more, and worry less.

YFFUK PHil Endicott Big Ben with the underground sign who I am and why i do what I do
Your Favourite Frame YFFUK Mwasuku Norton Fields Atherstone bride being buttoned into her dress by her maid of honour engagement ring on her right hand

Emergency dresser

So I’ve lost count of the number of times that at the vital moment the chief Bridesmaid has a “moment” or a panic attack and really can’t handle lacing you in to your dress.  For that reason I got myself trained to do exactly that:  ultimately 90% of the time I’m sitting on these skills but it’s something I’d rather have in the locker for the 10% of the time it’s necessary.

AdHoc Toastmaster

Well you’ve got to have a loud voice and a presence in order to get people where you need them for photos!  So a lot of the time this then means I get elected as toastmaster for the day as well introducing you into the venue as a married couple, hosting the speeches or getting the cake cut and first dance on the way.  In all seriousness this is something that I’m really happy to do in order to make your day special and also it helps keep costs down should that be appropriate.

Just don’t expect any pictures of me doing so.  It’s a little bit difficult to be doing both at the same time.  I’m just lucky that my friend and colleague Richard Shephard was kind enough to let me have a picture of me doing so when we worked together last!


YFFUK Phil Endicott Useful things  Phil doing a speech for the groom
YFFUK Phil Endicott Useful things red bull


You’ve got so much going on and you can’t be everywhere at once.  That’s why I’m happily your minion too.  I really don’t mind at all being the odd job man if it makes your life easier be it picking up something you’ve forgotten on my way to the venue, getting you a drink when you’re mingling with friends or even finding your lippy and mascara for a top up.  I’m normally carrying hairclips and bands with me just in case:  the last thing I want is a hair emergency as your about to head down the aisle.  Also throw a pair of flats in my camera bag as you never know when you’ll be ready to lose the heels.  In simple terms:  if you need help I’m there for you.

Oh, and yes, I will go to the Co-Op if you run out of Red Bull 🙂 


Just takes photos?!?!

So yes, some photographers will just take photos.  I’m different, and glad to be.  As your friend I’ll be doing ANYTHING I can to make your special day that little less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable