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Hi! I’m Phil Endicott - I’m a wedding photographer!

Truthfully, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the best job in the world, bar none.

The fact you’re here, reading this makes me think you’re most likely getting married and looking for a photographer to spend your special day with you and make memories.

I’d love to be the one you choose, the one you trust to be part of your day.  Below you’ll find details on why I think I can be the ONE, and why what I do is a little different from the rest.


What, why, when and how!

That’s why this site exists: to explain me, who I am, what my ethos is, and what I bring to the table. I really hope you like what you see and read helps you understand me and why I love my job.  Hopefully it will also show you that while I’ll openly admit I’m a very different wedding photographer, and actually a little mad, it’s for the best reason possible.

Ultimately, the dream is that you’ll love what I do and how I do it, and invite me to be part of your magical wedding day.

And of course the added bonus is you get to look at LOTS of photos and photofilms of happiness, love and fun!

Portfolio - My Favourite Frames

Because EVERY Picture Tells YOUR Story



My tagline, but one that I think sums up perfectly what I do and why I do it.  My job is about telling the story of your wedding day, through photos and through photofilms.  Every frame I take is to that goal, whether it is a traditional moment or something a little off the cuff and even just documentary of a particular moment.

Sometimes the best wedding photos are when you don’t even know I’m there as you’ve having that little moment to yourselves whispering sweet nothings. These photos and films will last forever and hopefully, should you be blessed, you’ll be able to show them to your little ones as they grow up.





I often get asked how I got started in wedding photography:  well I was both best man and second photographer in one day for two of my best friends as they tied the knot.  This set in motion this whole story.  More about that here

Why Me - & how i got started

Be MY Friend!

All wedding photographers are the same, right?  NOPE – not in my case!

By far, the most important thing to me is to spend amazingly special days, with people that are now my friends celebrating their love for each other.  Being friends with your couples is something that is in honesty not standard, but it is SO very important to me as I’ll stake my life on the fact it makes for better images, photofilms and memories for YOU.

Ultimately, we are all that little bit more comfortable around people we know and trust, and you’ll open up more and be yourselves more if you know your photographer and they know you.

Be MY Friend

Your Second Most Important Decision

Now two awkward questions!  Where does your decision of wedding photographer sit on the list of priorities?  How much do you specifically want me, Phil Endicott, to be your wedding photographer?  I’m going to say now loudly and proudly that it should be your second or third decision.  I used to think photography was a lot further down the list, only to be corrected by previous couples when they told me the value of the images and photofilms to unlocking the memories of their wedding day.

I also learnt that actually the value of what I do had on their wedding days. I’m blessed that I am even godfather to two little ones from previous weddings: for couples to make that decision is humbling indeed.  To this end, I wrote an article on why your photographer is your second most important decision: I was so surprised to find so many of my previous brides actually upgraded this to the first when I asked them if the article was fair.

Your Second Most Important Decision

Photofilms - because voices are important too.....



 I truly believe everyone should be able to have special memories at an instant which brings everything that your day was about back to you. This is why I record the audio of the day, why I take so many photos and why I put it all together in a ten to fifteen minute photofilm. This is also why I take time to get to you know you and your family in the run up to the big day so I know why this day matters so much and how you’re likely to be together on your big day.




This takes the photos of your day and is completed with the audio from your day be it your vows, your speeches, your readings or even your thoughts from the morning as you’re getting ready. This is completed with licensed music I compose to match your day and the flow of the photos. It’s the real words spoken on your day and your emotions being heard over your pictures making a compelling and accurate story of all your day contained.




I also do UNUNUN films.  This stands for Uncut, Unblinking, Unedited.  You can think of it as a stop motion version of your entire day.




Without doubt, learning these techniques is best thing I’ve ever learnt to do.  So find out about them here.


"Why did we pick Phil?"



Phil was recommended to me by a family friend. Phil was their wedding photographer a few years back. A photographer for my wedding is something I was very anxious about and knew that from the start I would have to feel comfortable and confident around them.



After an initial phone call with Phil about what I wanted from a photographer and what I imagined my big day to be like, me and my fiancé decided to meet up with him.



Well, from the off we got on so well, he is so bubbly, friendly and felt like a friend we had known years. I don’t feel confident with getting my photo taken but after a good chat, I was posing in my living room with my fiancé and felt so at ease which I was so shocked about, but that’s when I knew I needed Phil to capture my big day.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do for us, I can’t wait for you to capture our special day and have beautiful photos to look back at! We really cannot thank you enough!!




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How I Deliver - and why

So, here’s the thing: having beautiful wedding photos and photofilms is one thing, but equally important is how you get them and how you can share them!

I don’t do USB sticks! It is FAR too easy to lose a USB stick and then have your memories gone. It is for this reason I invested in my website and the platform it is on so you can always get them wherever you are: as long as you have an internet connection you can get to your special memories.  If ever you are feeling a little down on a bad day at work then your photos are there for you at lunch to perk you up and remind you of the special day you had!

Now perfection doesn’t happen overnight so you won’t have your wedding photographs the day after the wedding!  But don’t please think for a moment I disappear into the ether and you don’t know what’s going on: if anything the opposite is true! I’ll often communicate with my couples at least weekly (and often more than this) letting them know where I am in the process, what I’m up to and why. I’ll also often be sending over before and afters to give a rough idea of why I’m doing what I’m doing so you’re always up to speed and in the loop.

How I Deliver - and Why!

You’re amazing – please stay that way!


Phil – there was absolutely nothing more you could have done to make our wedding day so special and so memorable.  There really is not one dull moment when you’re around.


You are just a fabulous man at not only being a wedding photographer but also becoming a friend! You’re not someone who just turns up on the day, takes photos and leaves. You build a friendship with people, not only the pair getting married but everyone who’s involved with the wedding.


You have such a bubbly personality and you’re not afraid to tell people your opinion or a way which you think could make the photos better. You are like no other photographer I have ever met, you’re one in a million and you shouldn’t change anything!!! xxx




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Night and light


So by now I’m sure you’ve gathered I’m a complete geek – sorry about that! You’ve probably also worked out I like to mix it up a little, try new things and give images a certain extra something.

One of the very best ways to do that is with light.  The sun of course is the most powerful by far.  But other sources of light also give us some really interesting chances to try something new.  Whether it is a chandelier in the ballroom, the fire pit outside the venue, the front of the venue lit up or even something as simple as light pouring through a window.

Light is super powerful: used incorrectly it totally ruins a photo.  But used correctly and with care it can truly enhance a series of photos and make them sing that little bit more.



Night and Light
Anything for ANYONE

I’m willing to do anything for anyone, in life as much as at a wedding.  If Nan needs a drink, if Grandad needs help moving to a different room at the venue, if your best friends’ little ones are a little bored, if you as a couple need a bit of escape time, I’m always there and ready to help.

Most of all, I love getting to know your venue co-ordinators, the vicar, the registars and so on ahead of the big day. It’s really important to me that in the same way I know you and you know me, the same is true down the line.  I’m also never truly on holiday, which is a good indication of my general ethos on life, and how I look after everyone else.

A "Tog is NEVER on holiday!
Just a Wedding Photographer? Or also your TRUSTED Advisor?

I’ll openly admit I’m a little bit bonkers, and frankly VERY OCD.  I’m always planning, trying new things and making sure I improve my skills.  I’ll look at a wedding date and location, do a bit of research on what is around the venue, what is at the venue, when sunset will be and so on.

This gives me the chance to bring ideas to your table on photos that will shout and sing from the rooftops about how amazing your day was and the happiness it contained.  And, what this means to you, is that I will always be happy to help with the planning of your day and give little bits of info I’ve gathered over the years.

Planning your Wedding Day

"Phil was the best decision we made!"

When looking for a wedding photographer, you want to get it right. After all, photos are the one thing you have to look back on for the rest of your life. We searched through several photographers until we were finally introduced to Phil from a close friend who knew him prior to our engagement. I was told he was a perfectionist which is one of the reasons he’s so good at his job.

When initially speaking to Phil on the phone we instantly clicked and our ideas bounced off each other. For someone who’s quite self conscious of a ‘natural photo’ Phil kept his patience and made sure i was happy with the moments he likes to capture (and also took plenty of the same frame to make sure my eyes were open on at least one of them!)

When he brought round the photofilm I was blown away.  Happy tears everywhere!!!




Our wedding day was effortless all thanks to Phil, our wedding venue and bridal party working together as a team. 6 months on and we’re still reliving our day as if it was yesterday xxx

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"The Bride Guide"

And there is another chapter to this story.  How many wedding photographers do you know that are “daft” enough to take all questions they get asked by their clients, write articles about that topic and turn it into a guide for future couples to take a look through?


“The Bride Guide” was born.  I’m always extending it, adding new articles and taking on board from other clients about what else they’d like to know.  Again this is a commitment to how I do things and why I’d like to think it makes the difference.  Ultimately, every nugget of information I share makes someone else’s life that little bit easier, and adds smiles.  If that’s not worth it, I don’t know what is.


You’ll find a link to “The Bride Guide” below.



The Bride Guide

It's NOT Phil Endicott Photography!

I’m also NOT Phil Endicott Photography: I’m about memories for YOU that live forever and this is reflected in my business name “Your Favourite Frame”.

I’m NOTHING without my couples, their friends and families and the reason I’m so passionate about what I do is that I’m documenting memories that will live forever.  There is more about this being about US and not ME and why it matters to you here.

Its' NOT Phil Endicott Photography
Is this a perfect match?

So is this a perfect match?  Well in the same way you need a photographer you trust and love working with, I need couples that are fun, are willing to let me be me, and open to ideas and a little bit (preferably a lot) of fun along the way.

We will go for an engagement very soon after we first speak about your wedding day: think of it as a test drive. You wouldn’t buy a car without making sure it runs well and you’ll enjoy driving it: so the same is true of our relationship.

Ultimately, do you want a photographer who will go the extra mile for you and your family, to make your day special and who is stupid enough to get himself trained to lace up wedding dresses in case the Maid of Honour has a panic attack? (Yes, it happened twice before I got trained, and plenty of times since!!)

What people say about me......

"What is a wedding photographer?"




What makes Phil different from anyone else I’ve ever seen or worked with before, is the fact that Phil captures moments that no one else sees, that special look or smile, the laughter, the tears, the joy in peoples faces.



One of my favourite ever photos is one at five minutes to midnight.  I really don’t know how many other photographers would have stayed that long to take it!




And then when the day is over Phil turns your memories into a masterpiece for you to cherish long after the bubbles have stopped fizzing or the flower petals have dropped ….and that to me is more than just a wedding photographer, that is priceless.






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14 Hours of Happiness

I’ll be honest and say upfront you’ll probably struggle to get rid of me.  But every other couple has told me that is a good thing!  I’m not one of these wedding photographers that believes a wedding is finished at cake cut.




For me, the party afterwards is as important as people let their hair down, hit the dancefloor and strut their stuff.  For me, every part of a wedding day is important.  It starts with groom and bridal prep, moves to the ceremony, continues with group and couples photos.  We then head for wedding breakfast, have some “you” time before rounding the day off with cake cut, first dance, sunset and then your party.




Most wedding days I’m with you for 14 hours, if not more.  That’s who I am – and given by the time we get to your wedding day we’ll also be friends spending that much time with you and your family is a complete blessing.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.Below you can read more about how I shoot a wedding day, and how everything we do comes together!


14 hours of happiness
So thoughtful and kind, throughout the whole wedding day!





We were both so pleased that Phil was able to be our wedding photographer, both my husband and I are camera shy and Phil made things so easy for us, starting with the pre wedding shoot and then of course the actual day . We have a beautiful collection of photographs and fantastic memories of our day which we look at nearly every day.


Three things really stood out for me and my husband when we think about our wedding day. The time that Phil took with us to get to know us and help us plan the day made the day run so smoothly. If he didn’t know us as well as he did there is no way that the photos would be so natural and amazing. His planning and thoughts about what we could do and when were totally invaluable. He also made everything so easy and fun and I think it’s obvious from the smiles on our faces in every single photo.




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Do NOT book me if......

It’s important to be honest in everything:  I’m NOT your ideal wedding photographer if you want someone quiet, who isn’t spontaneous, who is not willing to get involved and someone who always wants to be invisible or in the corner.  I’m on the dancefloor with you and your family, I’m right in the middle of confetti getting thrown so I get your reactions, I’m playing with smoke bombs and bubbles and I’m lying on the floor in the mud getting the perfect angle to add that little extra something to everything I do.

By the way:  because of the above I don’t wear a suit.  I ended up throwing one away after every wedding. I’m always smart and presentable and look a professional.  But suits, mud and rain don’t really mix that well.  Simply, I am who I am, and everyone who I work with let’s me be me. I like to think I bring that little something extra to the party because of it.

As one of my bride’s once said, “You’re a little bit insane, but in the very best possible way, and it works perfectly.”And actually, there is more to this that meets the eye.

How to choose your photographer

The Value and Importance of Wedding Albums

So let’s have a talk about albums. In my opinion, they’re more valuable, and actually more important than ever previously. We do live in a digital world. We all take photos on our smartphones, our iPads. But it’s very rare that we take the time to print them, display them, and have them there for us at any moment.





Digital pictures, they’re great. But you haven’t got that 3d effect, you haven’t got that in your face moment, and sure as you haven’t got the ability just to flick through those pages. The other thing that always made me sad was wedding albums that just sit in a cupboard and don’t ever see the light of day.

The albums that are hidden away on the basis that realistically speaking, you don’t want them out on display because they might get damaged. In my mind, a wedding album is something that should always be there, always reminding you of that magical day that you had. It is a reminder of those memories that that day brought to life and made your heart sing.

Wedding Albums

Sunset, “Singing in the Rain” & Sparklers

One of the first things I’ll do for you is research on your venue, the sunset time on your special day and the sight lines available to us.




It is this way we can look to create a stunning image from your day as the sun crests the horizon and the sky turns golden.





Of course what I can’t control is the weather, much as I’d like to. In the event it is cloudy or raining we have plenty of other options open to us.





It might be that we do some “Singing in the Rain” as I’ve always got umbrellas in my car just in case. It might be that we do some backlighting work to silhouette you against a pagoda in the venue grounds, or use the moon to light you both.





Sunset, “Singing in the Rain” & Sparklers

The Geek behind it all

I’m not just a wedding photographer – I am a human as well!  So, here’s a page more about me, who I am and what I do.  Long story short I’m a photo geek, someone who loves to travel, who lives his life believing in the principles of karma and someone who just wants to be there for everyone else.

If you’re nuts enough to want to know more about the man behind the camera you’ll find it here.

About the Geek

Your Investment

Unfortunately nothing in life comes for free.  But I’m a huge believer in treating people as you’d like to be treated.  My attitude to my business follows this attitude (even though my previous brides have told me I should charge more!!)


Realistically, there is no right or wrong answer as to how much wedding photography should cost.  Therefore I treat every wedding photography enquiry on it’s own and try and find a way to get you what you need, without breaking the bank.


Therefore, just talk to me.  I am human after all.  And read this article which explains my philosophy in this area.



Your Investment

Does this interest you?

So that’s me, what I do and why I do it!  I hope you like what you see and will consider reaching out to tell me about your special day.





For the record, while I live in Northamptonshire, I travel the length of the UK and sometimes even abroad to be there for that special day with two people that are now my friends, not just my clients.





Most importantly, please never be afraid to ask questions of me.  They don’t even have to be about photography.  The simple thing is I’m here to help, and always will be.  The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask.  So whatever it may be, hit the button below and lets have a natter!



Let's Talk

How to Talk to Me!


I’m hoping given you’re here you’d like to talk about some photos – and thank you for giving me the chance to do so!


So you’ve really got two options.  The first one is to click the button below.  This will take you through to a little form that will give the basics on how to reach out to you, and also give me the ability to be doing a little research about the date you’ve selected so I can have some ideas when we speak.


The other option of course is simply to pick up the phone and call me.  If you’d rather do that, my number is +44 7801 333152.

Other Articles you might like to read

Venues that I LOVE!


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of shooting weddings at some truly amazing venues.


This page has the stories of wedding days and photos from some of my favourites.  It might be that they’re on my doorstep in Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire, or that the views were amazing, or that the day just felt the most special for my couples.


What you NEED to know


Here you’ll find all about me, my core beliefs and how and why I shoot a wedding day.


Most importantly, you’ll learn what I bring to the table and what other people think about what I do and what difference that made to their special day.


What you SHOULD want to know


So these pages are a lot less VITAL than what “You NEED to know”, but it’s all further insight into what I’m all about.


They’ll also show very strongly what makes me different from the rest and why you might want me in your lives.


The Bride Guide - Planning a wedding


Planning is one of those things you either love or you hate.  I hate to break it to you, but if you hate it you’ll need to get used to it!


But – and most importantly you’re not alone! I do everything I can to help my brides with planning, from looking together at timelines, discussing options at their venue. Most of all I love to throw new ideas over that they might not have thought of to add something extra fun to the mix.


The Bride Guide - On your Wedding Day


So this section of “The Bride Guide” is all about making the most of your wedding day!


It’s lots of little ideas that when stacked up can make it even more amazing that you could imagine! Maximising all opportunities is what I’m all about.
No question at all there is a lot of things to consider. More importantly, it’s VITAL that you get to spend time with your friends and family. Most of all, I want to do all I can so that you get quality time with your best friend and new husband or wife!


The Bride Guide - About Photography and Photographers


This is the most important day of your life: therefore it’s vital you have amazing memories to look back upon.


These articles are all about the impact the right photographer can have on your special day, and how a little bit of forward thinking and logical planning can make all the difference.


You’ll also find information on how to chose a wedding photographer, and the things you need to consider when doing so. Also, and in my opinion vitally, you’ll find out why it’s not as easy at it looks, and why wedding photography isn’t as cheap as soon people think it should be.