So let’s face it we’re in a Facebook and Youtube generation.  Everyone loves videos and likes watching them:  but video and particularly videography is expensive.  Plus video doesn’t always have the same impact as still photos.  So why not go for the best of both worlds?


Our videos and photofilms aim to do that.  We take your photos, add music from licensed sources that match both the theme and mood of your day and mix them together to tell your story in a four minute snapshot that is both entertaining and easy to feel involved in.  It’s the real words spoken on your day and your emotions being heard over your pictures making a compelling and accurate story.  We often ask to use your readings, your vows, the speeches and the words of how you feel about each other and felt walking down the aisle or waiting at the front to make it all complete.  The recorders I use are discrete and not noticeable to the majority – its only us and you know that they’re there and what they’re there for.



Don't fancy being recorded?  Don't worry I get it - personally I don't like the sound of my voice either! In this case I'll do you one of these instead!


parris new



smith burr new


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