Can you do us a photobooth?


Of course!  I’ve made a custom cabinet for our photo booth which is fully computer operated via a touchscreen but which is ridiculously easy to use and quick to take photos.  It also can use templates we create using your wedding day, engagement pictures etc to really make it part of your day.  We’ll always supply edited copies of both the native photos but also the layout finals as well for you to see and share online with your guests should you wish to do so.  We also bring our prop collection for your guests to use – it’s not entirely small given its taken over our dining room!


Here are a few sample photos below for you to give you an idea!

White Booth-1053White Booth-1053 White Booth-1005White Booth-1005
White Booth-1029White Booth-1029 PARRISBOOTH-3197PARRISBOOTH-3197



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