Your wedding day is likely the first you'll have someone with you most of the day.  Therefore its important to know what to expect.  Below is a rough idea of how we spend your wedding day and how the magic comes together.


10am – I arrive at the venue to take some shots of it in all its pristine glory before anyone else gets there.  This lets me focus on the trinkets you’ve spent hours on, the place-cards you’ve made, the gift bags for your VIP’s and flowers that adorn your tables.

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11am –  I  arrive with the bride.  I’m taking photos of you getting ready, your makeup being done and having your glasses of Bucks Fizz or Champagne but I'm also on hand to help with the final little details and also ironing if you need :-)

PARRIS-1040PARRIS-1040 whitef-1026whitef-1026

12pm – I’ll depart the bride’s location and join up with the groom to take shots of them getting ready with the rings, the cars and anything else that makes it special for you.  We also like to make ringdrops with words or lyrics that are special to you to tie it all together.   

SIRPALSANGEET-1223SIRPALSANGEET-1223 whitef-1065whitef-1065

I also leave an extra camera with the bridal party so they can also get some special memories without the pressure of having a photographer in the room.

LEGG-1160LEGG-1160 PARRIS-1244PARRIS-1244

1.30pm – Church or Ceremony time.  I’ll be there half an hour before for the groomsmen to arrive in front of me and also see the Church or ceremony room as it should be.   I’m also ready on the end of my phone for when one of your bridesmaids rings me to tell me the bride is on her way!!!


2pm – The Bride steps out the car - I'm there waiting.  Then the MAGIC happens ;-)

burr smith-1173burr smith-1173

3pm - You leave the venue as a married couple ;-)

PARRIS-1558PARRIS-1558 LEGG-1363LEGG-1363 whitef-1166whitef-1166

5pm – Off to the reception for drinks, meals and speeches.

SONY DSC burr smith-1341burr smith-1341

8pm – Cake cut and first dance time. 

PARRIS-1873PARRIS-1873 LEGG-1549LEGG-1549



Don’t expect me to disappear straight away - if you’ll have me stay 'til later we’d love to!  It’s always great seeing your day through to the last dance and particularly the pictures of you saying goodnight to your family as a married couple are something I really treasure.





Most importantly don’t take my word for it – read some of our testimonials.  These are straight from our clients to give you a true reflection of us and how we do it.


Thank you

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