I always like to start our relationship with you by doing an engagement shoot (or if appropriate a family shoot with you and your little ones).  It gives you the chance to get to know me, to know how I work and also how I'll work with you as a couple and your family.

I'd always suggest doing the engagement shoot at an opposite season: for example if you’ve got a spring wedding your engagement photos would be with autumn leaves.  I'll also bring our props and suggest you bring something that means something important to you as a couple of a family.  To give you ideas other couples have brought their puppy, an snow globe bought on their first date, a love sign from their kitchen or little lady’s princess wand.

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This is also your chance to make photographs you can use on your wedding day.  In the past I’ve turned them into signing boards, invite cards, thank you cards, service orders, projection slideshows and placecards.  Their use is limited only by your imagination and I’d love to help you do so.


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